On Friday, July 7th, Dane Powell became the first of the #DisruptJ20 arrestees sentenced to prison. Dane is a father, veteran, water protector, and active community member, but will now forever be known as one of the first political prisoners of the Trump era. Today, he needs your support more than ever for the four months he is behind bars. Please share far and wide—we want him to be flooded with love and support from every continent. So if you know anyone in Antarctica …

Dane Powell
DCDC #358 530



Funds can be added in person in cash at the machines in the CTF building. Now that the account has been initiated, folks can also add funds remotely at www.connectnetwork.com (through the website or phone app) using Dane’s name and DCDC number. Commissary funds can be used for either commissary or for phone, but phone account funds may only be used for phone.


Mailing Address:

Dane Powell
DCDC #358 530
DC Jail
1901 D Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003


If it would be easier to email rather than post letters, you can email jailmail@dclegalposse.org and we can either print out and mail the letters, or read them aloud to him during visits. Bear in mind that in addition to being read by DOC staff, anything you send to that email address will be read by DCLP.


Jail Mail Regulations & Suggestions

  • Photos are okay with permissible content: up to 10 per envelope
  • Greeting cards okay with no music
  • Nothing on the outside of the envelope except the address (no decorative designs, stickers, notes, etc)
  • No staples (likely best to number multiple sheets of paper)
  • No supplies: everything must come through commissary, which Dane can use for either commissary or for phone. Phone account funds may only be used for phone.
  • No content you wouldn’t say directly to a cop. Every letter WILL BE opened and read by jail staff before Dane sees it. Note: this clearly means nothing incriminating against anyone else either.
☆ It would be wise to include your phone number and your mailing address on every letter so that Dane can write back to you or call you collect. Return addresses are preferred by the DOC, but not required on the envelopes in order to be received.
☆ Nothing incriminating against anyone else! Every letter will be opened and read by jail staff.


Mailing Books

Books must be mailed directly to Dane at the address above from the publisher, from Amazon (here’s his wishlist!), or from a bookstore. No hardcover books. Dane has specially requested books from AK Press, PM Press, and Feminist Press.


Video Visits 

Dane is permitted two visits a week. All visits are done by video now, even “in person” ones. You can visit on-site at the DC Jail’s Video Visitation Center on the on DC General Complex:
Note: once you have a visitor ID set up, you can add multiple inmates and store their info in your account.


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