Travel Support

Over the next 18+ months, nearly all defendants will have to travel back and forth to Washington for court appearances. The Dead City Legal Posse is committed to helping you arrange those trips – and helping you pay for it.

The Dead City Legal Posse can connect you with other defendants in your region to travel together and help you figure out how to get to DC. At any time, you can contact us for assistance planning your trip and finding housing.

We know the cost of these trips will add up, so we have a fund set aside for helping defendants with their travel costs. At this time, we can only reimburse defendants for their personal transportation expenses. For example, we can pay for a defendant’s bus ticket, but not their friend’s.

While we understand that comrades are essential support at these appearances, we have to make sure that we can help all the defendants to the end. You won’t be alone when you get here – our court support team will be there.

At this time, our reimbursement process is still being finalized. We will begin processing reimbursement requests as soon as we can.

To receive reimbursement, you must save your receipts and submit them with a reimbursement contract. Please email for more information. Disbursement of funds will take approximately two weeks from the date we receive your contract and receipts.



Airport Logistics

Flying into DCA is the best option to save time and money. It is close to downtown and metro accessible whereas Dulles airport is over an hour away. BWI is the second best option as you can take the Marc train from Baltimore to DC in 45 minutes.


The metro stop to and from DCA on the Blue or Yellow line is “Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.” The earliest metro train from the station is 5 AM weekdays / 7 AM weekends and the last one is 12 AM daily. Here is DCA’s metrorail information page.


There’s an express bus that goes directly to/from the Greenbelt metro stop, which is on the Green/Yellow line. The express bus costs $7 either cash or with metrocard. Metro rail service hours are 5 AM weekdays / 7 AM weekends through 12 AM closing.

There’s an express bus that goes directly to/from the Greenbelt metro stop, which is on the Green/Yellow line. The express bus costs $7 either cash or with metrocard. Metro rail service hours are 5 AM weekdays / 7 AM weekends through 12 AM closing.

Timetable for Greenbelt-BWI express bus service.
BWI’s ground travel web page.

From BWI: There are two WMATA Bus Stops. One is located on the lower level of the International Concourse and the other stop is located on the lower level of Concourse A/B. The B30 will pick you up outside at the bus shelter. Follow the signs that say “Public Transit,” hop on the bus, and you’ll get to Greenbelt. See timetable linked above for first/last bus times.

To BWI: The easiest way to go will be to hop on the metro and get yourself to the Greenbelt metro stop at the end of the Green/Yellow line. The first bus on weekdays leaves Greenbelt at 6:10 AM and arrives at BWI at 6:38 AM, which gives you plenty of time to catch an 8 AM flight. Depending on your starting stop, you probably won’t even need to take the first train at 5 AM (using Citymapper or Google Maps to budget travel time is a good idea). See timetable linked above for further first/last bus times.

If your flight is before 8 AM on a weekday, your other option is to book a MARC train ticket leaving from Union Station at 5AM. The MARC train is also $7; it goes directly to a BWI light rail station, from which there is a shuttle bus to the airport. You’ll need to get to Union Station before 5 AM, though, for which you’ll need to either beg your hosts or book a cab/Lyft, since the metro isn’t open at that time. Further details here.

There is now an express bus ($5 cash or card, no metro cards) that leaves from Wiehle-Reston East metro stop and goes to the terminal. The trip from the station to the terminal takes about 15 minutes, and the schedule and further information is listed on Dulles’s travel page.

Obligatory disclaimer:

We are not lawyers. We do not provide legal advice. If you require legal advice, please seek it out, from a qualified attorney, in a private and/or privileged setting.

We are community members, with differing degrees of legal work experience, from in and around the DMV. We come out of different activist traditions and bring diverse political ideologies and/or philosophies with us to the group. We came together with a shared commitment to mutual aid under the banner of the DCLP in order to mobilize a rapid emergency response to the grossly malicious over charging, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, of counter-inaugural protesters, who now face felony charges.

It is our intention to provide any and all manner of personal and/or practical support to these charged persons, through final disposition of their cases. It is vital to clarify that, despite the case-related nature of some of the support that DCLP provides, none of us, individually, institutionally and/or organizationally is an agent of and/or an actor on behalf of anyone, named defendant or otherwise. Therefore, nothing is intended to be construed as an attributable admission by anyone of anything, beyond specifically and intentionally identified persons, acting in their own personal and/or political capacity, where applicable.