In order to preserve one’s right to sue the District of Columbia in civil court, a person must send the city notice of that (potential) intent. This notice must be sent by mail or hand-delivered.

The deadline for this notice to be received by the city, in this instance, is July 20, 2017.

We have worked up a template, with support from a lawyer who we love and trust. Folks who are interested in submitting this notice should discuss the issue with their attorneys.

Please do not submit this notice without first engaging in a thoughtful cost/benefit analysis with an attorney whom you trust.

Love & solidarity,

The Dead City Legal Posse

Download the template as Word document or modify the text below.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor
c/o D.C. Office of Risk Management
441 4th St., NW
Suite 800 South
Washington, DC 20001

Mayor Bowser:

I am writing to provide notice of a claim against the District of Columbia pursuant to D.C. Code § 12-309.

Beginning on January 20, 2017 at [time that kettle began.] at [location of arrest], I was unlawfully detained and arrested, subjected to excessive force, and held without access to basic needs such as water. As a result, I suffered physical and emotional harm, loss of liberty, and economic damages.

Thank you,